TFS 2008 is Here!


I’m extremely excited that TFS 2008 is released. I can foresee myself devoting a considerable amount of time getting a few virtual machines running with Orcas and TFS 2008.

The details for the features in TFS 2008 can be found on bharry’s weblog. There are a whole range of improvements and features which interest me such as:

  • Support for non-default ports for Reporting Services and Sharepoint
  • Multi-threaded builds
  • Extensibility of build targets
  • .NET object model for programming against build server

It has to be said that there’s many other features which I’m personally interested in checking out but don’t want to repeat for brevity.

It appears that Microsoft has really listened to the users and produced a much-improved product which some much-needed bug fixes such as the inability to report directly on users overriding the check-in policy via the data warehouse. Overall, I’m very eager to get my hands on TFS 2008 and explore its features.

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