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A Look at LINQ


I’ve been interested in LINQ for some time as I’m a bit fan of object relational modelling. I was initially introduced to the world of object relation mapping by a brilliant man by the name of Malcolm Young. He showed me that there was more than just the proverbial “ds.” and stored procedures. By using […]

Today I was in a meeting with several TFS experts including Grant Holliday and Joe Schwetz. Joe presented on how Microsoft used TFS to handle their projects and the value it added to their organisation. I found it quite interesting to hear how Microsoft structured its development with TFS. Their branching structure, in particular, was […]

I have successfully integrated Siebel Tools 7.7 with TFS. It took a bit of fiddling but it works. The integration, however, is purely on a source control level. Currently I’m working on a way to associate work items through Siebel and it doesn’t look too difficult. Siebel Tools has an option to enable source control […]