A Look into Language


Just today, a former colleague and friend emailed me to inform me of a blog he was writing. I had a quick look and was quite amazed at some of his insights and how he has grown. One thing I noticed was that he has broken out of the Microsoft mould and grown as a developer. The Paul I knew was almost exclusively a .NET developer and he was good at it.

Now Paul of today, though, seems to have adopted different technologies and really accepted his shortcomings and worked to overcome them. One of the things he’s delved into is language syntax and parsing. While I cannot claim to understand everything he’s doing, I found his project interesting and something that I’d like to know about.

Keep it up, Paul. I’d like to see how things evolve for you.


One Response to “A Look into Language”

  1. I wouldn’t say I’ve broken out of the Microsoft mould just yet đŸ™‚ I’m still a C# programmer by day and will be for quite a while – and this is not a bad thing, the .NET framework is fantastic to work with.

    Cheers for the encouragement, please allow me to offer you the same – perhaps we should start putting pressure on some other ex-workmates to begin blogging, such as a certain M.Y hmm?

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