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I’ve recently started playing around with ASP.NET MVC. I was quite impressed by Scott Hanselman’s presentation at Tech Ed 2008 Australia. Some nuggets I gleaned from his presentation were the great way you clearly separated your responsibilities of each layer, the intrinsic testability of the business logic, the mocking frameworks that could support this testing […]

Technorati Tags: Martin Fowler,Refactoring I’ve long been told that this book is one of the must-reads for developers. After picking it up a few months ago, it took me a while to finish reading it. Having gotten through 3/4 of the book, I’ve decided that it’s good enough to give it a decent review. The […]

Just today, a former colleague and friend emailed me to inform me of a blog he was writing. I had a quick look and was quite amazed at some of his insights and how he has grown. One thing I noticed was that he has broken out of the Microsoft mould and grown as a […]

I recently moved my blog’s home from BlogSpot to WordPress. The reason I did this was mainly to test Microsoft Live Writer 2008 and also the desire to "graduate" to something new. I’m pleasantly surprised with MS Live Writer. It was easy to setup and integrated nicely with WordPress. In fact, I’m writing this blog […]