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As I’ve progressed with development of a website, I’ve increasingly come across problems with adapting LINQ with a Domain Driven Design. Here is what I have so far: Data Context Everything focuses around the data context. It is literally the glue that keeps things together. The data context encapsulates the Unit of Work and its […]

Quite recently I was asked to create a prototype using Team Edition for Database Professionals 2005 (Data Dude) and after installing the software, I tried creating a new database project. Imagine my surprise when I got the message: An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, […]

Brian Harry has recently released a new version of Database Professional Power Tools! You can read up on it here. Two things really interest me: The ability to run code analysis on static sql code. The data generation wizard to create data generation plans. ┬áStatic Code Analysis You can use the SqlAnalysis built task to […]

I’ve been working on a few personal projects. One of them involved building an ASP.NET website. Being the good geek that I am, I thought I’d try out ASP.NET 3.5 and try using things I’ve never used before. That, unfortunately, proved to be my downfall. One of the new features I decided to implement was […]

Today I was in a meeting with several TFS experts including Grant Holliday and Joe Schwetz. Joe presented on how Microsoft used TFS to handle their projects and the value it added to their organisation. I found it quite interesting to hear how Microsoft structured its development with TFS. Their branching structure, in particular, was […]

I have successfully integrated Siebel Tools 7.7 with TFS. It took a bit of fiddling but it works. The integration, however, is purely on a source control level. Currently I’m working on a way to associate work items through Siebel and it doesn’t look too difficult. Siebel Tools has an option to enable source control […]

I’m extremely excited that TFS 2008 is released. I can foresee myself devoting a considerable amount of time getting a few virtual machines running with Orcas and TFS 2008. The details for the features in TFS 2008 can be found on bharry’s weblog. There are a whole range of improvements and features which interest me […]